When should you worry and start using the best shampoos for hair loss

It is normal to have a certain amount of hair loss for all people whether children, men or women. The question is when should one start getting worried? What is normal or abnormal hair loss?

Losing about 100 hairs in a day is not a common thing and this could be a sign of balding, especially if it runs in your family. However, this type of hair loss should typically happen for people more than 50 years of age. For women, thinning hair especially on the top is quite high. For men it could lead to a receding hairline or maybe bald spots.

However, women who have given birth, for them, losing about 100 hairs or more is normal. It is generally not cause to worry. One could use the best shampoos for hair loss and control the fall to a large extent. However, if you feel that it is getting chronic or the loss is getting worse then maybe it is time to see a good dermatologist for a proper evaluation.

best shampoos for hair loss

Having said this, there are some factors which affect the hair growth or loss-

Controllable factors –

Factors like stress matter a lot. Stress in general,affects the overall health of all. Hair is not an exception to that rule. Similarly if one’s diet intake is poor then again without essential nutrients the hair growth would be affected. Another bad habit women get into these days is excessive styling or cleaning of the hair which again would lead to hair loss.

Uncontrollable factors –

There are some uncontrollable factors like age. As you grow older your hair does tend to thin and grey. Genetic factors also have a hand in these matters. God forbid, if you have any health conditions it might also lead to hair loss. Some medications also have these side effects.

All in all one can tackle hair fall with some of the best shampoos for hair loss.

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